Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Little String

This is a poem I wrote a year or two ago. I edited it a little and thought I might send it out into the world to seek it's fortune. So here it is:

Little String

If this little string that I have found
Has just laid around forever
Then it will continue to do so forever
String experts call this the "Steady State Theory"

If, however, it started from a small fiber
And has grown longer and longer ever since
And will continue to do so
Then this is known as the "Big Bang Theory"

If this is the case
Then there is still the question
Of if it is lying straight, or tied in a loop
It is foggy, so I can’t see

Or perhaps the real question is
Whether or not it is made of even littler strings
And if so,
And if those are also made of yet littler strings
How far down does it go?

I wonder, too, if the string is so little
That I am the only one peering at it
Or if it is long enough
That there are many others
Who wander in the night

One day I will follow this little string
I’ll find where it begins, and where it ends
But for now I will leave it here
And hope it won’t be gone by tomorrow

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