Saturday, May 26, 2012

Yann Tieirsen

I recently saw Yann Tiersen, the french composer and multi-instrumentalist most famous for writing the soundtrack for Amelie, live in concert. For the good of your immortal soul, you must do the same at some point. Sure there is a possibility that you won't like it, which is fine, everybody has different taste. But if you do enjoy his music, then your mind will be blown to Palestine and back.
Yann Tiersen is a truly unique talent, a diamond in the rough that is the world of music. The ever building layers of sound, the use of numerous acoustic instruments combined with the clever use of a few electronic ones, the beautifully simple melodies, the haunting repeated lyrics that are sung over and over again, trying to make us understand what the song is about, and the ever-present flow of wild, unrestrained emotion, these are the marks of a Yann Tiersen song. I know of no one else like him, he is a gift to any who can find him.
He is currently touring in support of his new album Skyline, pictured here, but he also played several songs from his previous album Dust Lane. Here are a few songs that he played, just a few of my personal favorites: