Friday, August 17, 2012

The Primeval Depths of the Sea

That day that he walked through the streets in the rain
To the house of his one enemy
That house on the cliff that could look out for miles
O’er the primeval depths of the sea

It was there that you found her, you told me later
With a hole where her heart should be
The guilty one gone, disappeared like a fish
In the primeval depths of the sea

They say that he took the heart deep in the forest
And buried it under a Hawthorn tree
They say that the tree was quite nearly as old
As the primeval depths of the sea

And he lived out his life in a house in the mountains
In slow, mounting insanity
Until one day he leaped off that very same cliff
Into the primeval depths of the sea

But those are all rumors, put about by your friends
With perhaps not a shred of reality
The truth in fact may be far more dark
As dark as the dead, ancient sea

Your eyes they are bored with the funeral
And as they gaze strangely at me
They have all of the warmth of the icy chill
In the primeval depths of the sea

1 comment:

  1. Hey Tim, really like the poem. I'm confused about the part with the heart though. Is it suppose to be the heart of a person?
    Are you in 9th grade? If you are I would like to invite you to lifeteen. I know how much you enjoyed y4c and I thought that you might also like lifeteen. It starts at 7p.m. and ends at 9p.m. on Sunday. I must warn you though if you don't like loud music and large crowds this might not be what you want to commit to all year. It's OK to decline too. hope to see you Sunday.