Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mind Shadows

     I have finally finished the second draft of my book. This may be of no interest to you, but if you have enjoyed this blog so far, then you will almost certainly enjoy the book. When it is published. I do not know when or indeed if this will happen, but he who does not hope is he who does not dream, and he who does not dream is he who does not sleep, and he who does not sleep is he who dies. I prefer to live.
     The book is called "Mind Shadows."  It details the interactions of two individuals who inhabit a strange universe called The Library. I can't tell you much more, but suffice it to say that the plot is just as bizarre and quirky as the setting and the characters. Also, illustrations by my extremely talented friend Mr. J. Hubbard will be featured.
     Last but not least, here is the piece of music that inspired the title and much of the tone for the book: Mind Shadows, by The Legendary Darin G. Cook (*The first song on the page).

*All the other songs on the page are just as good, and well worth listening to.

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